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What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Roofing?

Plastic Roofing

Finding whether plastic roofing has more pros or more cons can be very exhausting. Deciding whether to choose plastic roofing for yourself can be quite confusing. Whether you are looking to know the pros of PVC Roofing or want to know its cons, we have you covered.

Finding the correct information on this is very crucial for anyone who wants to make an informed decision for their property. It is always good to balance out both the pros and cons of each type of roofing material before choosing one.

Following are the pros and cons of plastic roofing to help you make the right decision:

What is Plastic Roofing

what is Plastic Roofing

Plastic roofing is a type of roofing that uses plastic sheets made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is an extremely strong, resilient, and lightweight material that can work efficiently in extreme weather conditions.

PVC Roofing is made up of synthetic material. These materials are commonly used in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, offering various designs and colors to suit different architectural needs. With many pros and cons, here is the detailed overview of each one of them.

Pros of Plastic Roofing

Here are the significant benefits that make plastic roofing an excellent choice:


PVC Roofing is made up of sheets that are shatter-resistant. This makes PVC Roofing strong and high-performance. PVC Roofing sheets, being highly reliable, make it an excellent material for roofing system.

Plastic material are made with bisphenol A (BPA), which is a shatter-resistant agent that allows this plastic to have high-performance and remain pliable—thus making it an ideal material for a plastic roof as it is tough and can handle unexpected impacts from the natural surroundings.


Another pro of plastic roofing is that it is made of lightweight material. The lightweight materials used in plastic roofing, such as polycarbonate, have many more benefits than aluminum and glass.

Due to their lightweight, PVC Roofing is also extremely easy to install and handle. This makes the installation process way easier and it is also easy to remove. It can also be adjusted with little to no help of any professional and this quality contributes towards its pros.

Blocks UV Rays

PVC Roofing has many other pros as well. It is very effective at blocking out UV rays. Polycarbonate material present in plastic sheets blocks almost the entire UV spectrum, making it a strong wall against harmful rays that otherwise might enter the property.

Even a thin layer of plastic sheet could provide far better protection than other roofing materials. 

Temperature & Impact Resistant

Plastic roofing is also an excellent temperature-resistant material. Polycarbonate can bear extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. This makes plastic roofing better than other types of roofing, and this is one of the most crucial benefits.

Also, plastic roofing is a great roofing material because of its great impact resistance. Compared with glass, it has around 250 times more impact strength. Due to this reason, plastic roofing can easily resist the impact of hail storms and snow.

Long Lasting

Due to PVC Roofing’s efficient UV rays blocking technology, it is exceptionally long-lasting. Plastic roofing does not cause its material to color fade or weaken despite facing the sun daily.

This makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Plastic roofing can easily last up to 20 years, and this shows how lasting it is. 

Cons of Plastic roofing

Following provided are some of the cons of plastic roofing:


Most of the plastic used in the PVC Roofing system is non-biodegradable. This is one of the main cons for those who prefer using biodegradable things that do not harm the environment.

Plastic is also very hard to recycle and does not decompose naturally. So, waste concern can be a true deciding factor for property owners.

Production Footprint

The manufacturing of PVC Roofing involves the use of raw materials and a massive amount of energy, which can contribute to significant environmental pollution. Compared with glass and other roofing materials like wood or clay, it has a much higher footprint.

Visual Appeal

One of the major cons of PVC Roofing is its lack of visual appeal compared with other roofing materials. It also lacks natural visual appeal and gives off a very artificial look, unlike wood shingles, glass, or clay tiles.

This can be a major con for property owners who want their roof to look aesthetically pleasing.

Fire Risk

Another major con of PVC Roofing is its flammability. Plastic is relatively more flammable, and the risk of it catching fire is much higher, especially when compared with other roofing materials like clay tiles or metal sheets.

So, it poses a higher fire risk, and one should have proper fire-retardant chemicals in case of any emergency.

Chemical Damage

PVC Roofing, which is made of synthetic material, can be affected by chemical damage. Many compounds like solvents, acids, bases, oil, and greases can break down plastic material in the plastic roofing, further breaking down polymer chains, and resulting in gradual softening, discoloration and surface damage of plastic.

This can also further result into cracking, and bad structuring of plastic. This can be prevented using different kinds of coatings such as protective coatings which can minimize its exposure to harmful chemicals.

This was it can be prevented but its not a permanent solution and is a con especially when compared with other roofing materials. 


When deciding whether to install PVC Roofing or not, you should always try to match its pros with cons. For that, it is better to consult a professional which can guide you according to your property location and weather conditions in the region.

Installation of plastic roofing is also a very crucial task and we always suggest finding a company that is reliable and the best in the business. We Evoli Roofing has been in this business for a very long time now consult us if you live in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Evoli Roofing ensures it provides the correct information to people worldwide and the best services in town. Having a team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than 20 years, Evoli Roofing is the best in the business, committed to the best quality and safety. We are always available on a call for consultation. Just fill out the Contact Us form now and get the best roofing services you can imagine.



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