7 Steps in Roof Replacement: From Inspection to Installation

Roof Inspection

On average the lifespan of a house roof can go from 20 – 25 years; after this there can
be expectation that your roof might need reinstallation, repair or installation. Because the
older it gets, the closer it is to damages caused by weathering factors.

Despite the usual maintenance you put the roofing through, it still has a certain life point, after that experts recommend that a full replacement is a more cost effective solution than repair.

When it comes to roof replacement, repair or installation, it’s a daunting task, however, if
the process is broken down in clear understandable steps; the roof replacement can be
a quick and smooth process.

Here are 7-steps that can make your Roof-Replacement EASY !

Roof Replacement

The Inspection and pre-planning stage

Just like any other work project, the pre-planning stage is crucial in roof replacement – from Roof inspection to installation.

First, you have to look for the potential defect, the plan-map to installation, then decide for the timeline on when to start the work, the cost calculation, and related financial analysis.

Next, do the Roof Inspection; develop an understanding of the structural elements of a roof installation, through research and study. Do a binocular Roof inspection from ground to attic such that you can see signs for decaying roofs like moss or algae grown in or around the roof. Sometimes, there can be patches of debris around the roof boundaries due to a neighboring tee or garden.

Sometimes, bid cracks can be spotted due to rusted or defected housing pipelines. The roofing shingles can be cracked or damaged, one big indicator of cracks is dripping water during rainfalls. Sometimes, it can be due to defective or removed chimney cap – this case does not indicate a roof-instalment or repair – it’s a simple scenario of chimney repair or replacement.

After this, if you come to the conclusion that by removing debris, replacing the loose shingles, or unclogging the pipes can solve the issue, well and good! Otherwise, calling a professional roofing company to check your roof and attic is a viable option.

The roofing specialist will help you with two main checks before reaching to any decision:

Get Multiple Quotes

Normally, when we are considering for roof installment, we tend to get in rush and make quick decisions. But a wise man never rushes, before seeking multiple Quotes from reputable companies so you can compare the services and cost before reaching to a decision.

Keep following factors in mind installation Cost with materials and labor. The Timeline of the roof installation, warranty of materials and labour work.

Spend enough time in asking questions, set up your requirement clear, for this is not just a long-term investment but also a serious matter that involves your house and family safety. Thus make an informed choice like a pro so to avoid any mistakes later.

Preparing The Job Site

Although preparing the work site is a short and an obvious step in Roof Replacement, it’s an important one. Because either you hire the professional contractors for the job, or decide to do it yourself with equipped expertise, first clear your driveway, for smooth access to your roof and also to avoid any fall or damage as a result of any possible intrusion in the driveway.

Afterwards, get the work site ready: bring a dumpster to collect debris and discarded materials. An important step here is to check the electrical outlet as the roofing professionals use powered equipment on your roof, so they should know of the house electrical outlet. Lastly, tell your neighbours as there would be expected drill noise and human resource.

Removing The Old Roofing

Seems like an obvious step, right? However, not really, because many times people have installed new roofing without completely and thoroughly removing the old one, (common case when owners decide to do self help); word is never ever be new roof shingles put on the older remains.

The results are short lived new roofing. To avail the warranty properly, go for complete pre-clean up and then the replacement.

Preparation of the Roof Deck

For shingles to lay down, the roof deck should be inspected and prepared. It is a bit technical as drip edges along the eaves are laid down first, then chimneys and vents are flashed around in roof valleys as per the requirement, then is the underlying of heavy duty roofing felt.

This is done over the complete roof deck. At some points roofing caulks and tar is applied around chimneys as it saves from potential leaks.

Deciding for the roofing material

Before quickly deciding on the roof material, first know about your roof design. A roof design is not according to your preference but depends on your area’s temperature and weather condition. Like is it Gable or Gambrel Roof, Mansard or Hip roof, or another.

After knowing about the roof design, make the choice about roof materials. There is a variety of roofing materials to choose from, but obviously it’s as per your house built, budget and weathering conditions of the area that you are going to make a decision on. But you need to know the types of roofing materials:

All the materials come at varying prices and have different longevity guarantees. It also depends on the type of roof design your house have or the one you are planning to have. A licensed contractor can provide service for competitive prices and a better warranty deal. 

Installation of The New Roofing & cleanup

Back to where you started, once the new roof is successfully installed, it’s time to do the cleanup of the discarded materials from the house, Moreover heavy professional magnets are used by companies to clean up around the installation structure.

Now check your roofing properly, if any additional work is needed regarding renovation or insulation, as there is always a room for honest errors and a good team of professionals never denies their obligation to mend those.

Have you inspected the roof for possible mistakes, , checked your driveway for cleanup? All set, well pay the contractor and THE END, your new roofing is successfully installed.



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